We've always been fascinated with the Taíno culture. At some point in our lives we, just as I'm sure you've done yourself, have asked the question "Where do I come from?" But the answer was not easy.

What ties us together here at TaínoTreasures.com is deep genuine interest for the Taíno culture, some among us even descend from them or come from one of the places where the taínos are known to have lived time ago.

Some of us do have strong heritage and/or ties to Europe and other continents, but we also cherish our native american heritage and always want to learn more about it and help spread it through the world.

Through sharing, researching, talking to Taíno historians and descendants (Some of whom still to this day practice some of their ways) and talking to others that cherish their lore, history and art, we've come to understand that we are Taínos as well.
We are Tainos because of the way we look, because of foods we like, because the way we cook our meal or because of the way we treat others. We are Taínos at heart, and in this day and age simply by sharing their culture with the world we are able to express this part of ourselves while paying homage to our heritage.

~The TaínoTreasures.com team